Escaping The Prison Unblocked

Escaping The Prison Unblocked is an interesting adventure game trying to escape from a prison. This game is the second part of the famous Henry Stickman legacy, which includes an immersive and dangerous journey in an attempt to escape one of the Stickman characters from prison.

You will use your skills to bypass the aggressive guards, and you will face a lot of game situations in the way. Use your intelligence to avoid obstacles, solve puzzles, and interact with the environment around you. The game has beautiful cartoon graphics. In addition to the wonderful creative effects and smooth control. Play Escaping The Prison online through our website and use your strategy to escape from prison.

About Escaping The Prison

Escaping The Prison Online is a great mix between adventure and escape games that will take you on a journey full of dangers in an attempt to escape from a prison. There is no doubt that adventure games have a unique taste and fun, especially while playing, and many people prefer them. Where you can unleash your imagination, perform many activities, face dangers, and explore different game events. There are a lot of prison escape games that you may have already played before. But you are about to experience one of the best prison escape games with classic graphics and famous stickman characters.

The game was developed by Puffballs United, and now the game is available on web browsers, and you can play online through your phone. Your mission will start when you plan to escape from a dungeon prison. The task will not be easy. Must use your skill and your own style to overcome the various obstacles on your way. Dodge the guards and use your style to survive and reach freedom. Interact with the environment around you and use items that can help you in this task. Start the adventure now and enjoy the game.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Escaping The Prison Online?

Such games depend on your skill and your own style of controlling the game and do not require many control options. But before you start playing you must understand the story. As Escaping The Prison is the second part of the legacy of Henry Sitkmen, who is trying to escape from a large prison. After you have been thrown into one of the dungeons, you will start planning to escape from this predicament.

Everything around you is at your disposal, you can use the equipment and tools that will help you in the success of your plan. Your main goal is to get past the guards and obstacles without getting caught. You can choose from a variety of tools at every stage all the time such as File, Cellphone, Drill, NrG Drink, Teleporter, and Rocket Launcher. If you make the right decisions in each challenge, your plan will succeed and you will be able to escape from prison.


Try To Escape From Your Dungeon

On a new journey with Henry, you will try to escape from one of the big prisons in a very dangerous adventure. You must use your hiding and maneuvering skills to outrun the guards without getting caught. You will pass through many obstacles and traps. Also, interact with the environment around you and collect items and tools that can help you on this journey.

Interact With Everything Around You

As mentioned above, the game includes many different items that you can use. In addition to a set of equipment and tools that you can use to make simple weapons. Solve puzzles, explore various game events, interact with the environment around you, and escape from aggressive guards.

Graphics & Sound

One of the most prominent features of this series is the in-game graphics design. Where Escaping The Prison includes funny and beautiful cartoon graphics. In addition to the famous stickman characters. The game also includes attractive visual and sound effects. Plus gameplay is rich and interesting that will make you addictive to play with easy controls.


  • An interesting adventure to escape from prison.
  • Overcoming obstacles and traps.
  • Be careful not to get caught.
  • Dodge aggressive guards.
  • Use different tools and equipment.
  • Interact with the environment around you.
  • Easy control.
  • Great graphics.
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